Our History

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  1. The company was founded in 1935 by Carl I. Schaeffer, who initially ran the business from his Soulard home. As the Schaeffer family grew (Carl and his wife, Eulalia, would go on to raise 16 children), so too did Schaeffer Electric. The business moved to 1819 Sidney St. and then to 2727 S. Jefferson Ave., before settling at 4667 Green Park Road in 1997.
  2. 13th street in Soulard, first home of Schaeffer ElectricMuch of the company's early business focused on residential service work. After World War II, St. Louisans sought electrical upgrades to power electrical ranges and other new conveniences. About this time, Schaeffer began serving the Archdiocese of St. Louis, a relationship that continues today.
  3. A promotional calendar from 1950 showcases the Schaeffer fleetThe company became more involved in commercial projects to meet the needs of the growing city. In the mid-1940s, Schaeffer Electric added motor repair and rebuilding services as more equipment required electric motors and controls service.
  4. Carl I. meets with children, making Schaeffer Electric a true "family business"By the mid-1960s, Schaeffer Electric had become a trusted name in home and commercial electrical work. When long-time customer Maritz Inc. moved to a new location in Fenton, Schaeffer Electric performed the majority of the electrical work at its new campus.
  5. 2727 S. Jefferson Avenue, home of Schaeffer Electric until 1997During this time another key partnership was formed when Schaeffer Electric completed extensive work on St. Mary's Hospital. That initial work in the health care industry led the company into partnerships with many hospitals and health care facilities for their electrical and communication needs.
  6. Gerald L. SchaefferCarl I. Schaeffer passed away in 1969 and was succeeded by his oldest son, Gerald, who was assisted by other members of the family. The company continued to grow steadily to become one of the most recognized and well-respected electrical contractors in the St. Louis area.
  7. Daniel SchaefferDaniel Schaeffer became president in 1990, advancing the path paved by his father and grandfather to meet St. Louis' electrical needs while offering new services. Schaeffer Electric added a Communication Division in 2001, and expanded in 2006 to offer lighting maintenance for commercial and industrial clients.
  8. Our current building at 4667 Green Park RoadFor three generations, Schaeffer Electric has been a trusted partner to countless customers and businesses throughout the city of St. Louis. The key to this success has been in the personal, professional service we offer our customers and daily expression of our commitment to performance, quality and integrity.
  9. Timothy J. Chettle, President of Schaeffer ElectricOn October 1,2011, Tim Chettle became the first ‘non-Schaeffer’ to serve as President of Schaeffer Electric Co. Tim began his career with Schaeffer in July of 1990 as an Apprentice electrician and has worked his way through the company in both the electrical and communications sides of the business.
  10. Schaeffer ElectricPerformance. Quality. Integrity.