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Aluminum Wiring Tips – from

Do you have aluminum wiring in your home?  Here are some tips from the Electrical Connection!


Green Energy – from

New Ways To Save Energy Never Get Old! 13 Tips from the Electrical Connection!

Ameren Missouri Incentives

Ever been curious what home or business upgrades qualify for incentives from Ameren Missouri?  Take a look at their website here and let us know if we can help.

Article from ECMag – Lighten Up: LED Replacements

This is a nice article for anyone curious about LED replacements.  Please give us a call if we can assist you with your lighting retrofit needs.

Link to original post by John Paul Quinn at ECMag.Com

There’s little doubt that, in the ongoing phase-out of inefficient incandescent lamps, the homeowner is the most uninformed, concerned and resistant of the electrical contractor’s customers. For the most part, these people do not read technical or trade publications but rely almost solely on consumer media—a source known in the past to have misrepresented more than one issue by oversimplification—for their understanding of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007. Read More…

Tips for Christmas Lights

NECA Australia posted these tips for Christmas time and we thought we could share them with all of our friends and customers.  Please take a quick look if you are planning on installing Christmas lights this year.

The seven electrical safety tips are:

1. Look up and around – When installing Christmas lights and other decorations make sure there are no overheard power lines or exposed wiring near where you are working. This is especially dangerous if working near metal.

If you notice dangerous wiring, contact your local licensed electrician so the problem can be fixed.

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